Automating Radiotherapy
Imaging Workflows

Unlocking the power of AI for Radiation Oncology.

Zero-click Autocontouring transforms Radiotherapy

Radiation Oncology is one of the most effective forms of cancer treatment, but with a predicted 27.5 million new cancer patients yearly by 2040, Mirada asked, how we could help healthcare professionals help patients?

Where could we help?
As Radiation Therapy is a costly, multi-disciplinary workflow, with manually intensive tasks, we asked if we could provide a cost effective, quick and consistent tool that never tires of contouring organs at risk. In addition, we knew we needed to produce a zero-click solution that runs silently in the background meeting your high standards, ready when you are.

The Breakthrough:

In 2018, we launched the world’s first AI Deep Learning auto-contouring tool, DLCExpert, with a complementary suite of products, that deliver ease of deployment, consistency and time savings all on a vendor agnostic zero-click platform, i.e, just plug it into any RT vendor system.

DLCExpert delivers:

  • Fully automated, latest generation AI Deep Learning contours and structure sets
  • No change in your workflow: fully implemented and configured to your contouring preferences by our team of world-class clinical and data specialists
  • Pick n mix your own RT structure set by selecting the contours and contouring style you prefer from our growing library of AI trained structures including Head & Neck, Thorax, Breast and Prostate


Our software is vendor-neutral and can be configured to support your specific workflow.

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Want to see if you can tell the difference between manually drawn and machine drawn organs at risk contours? Try the Turing game and see for yourself.

Play the Turing Game