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Mirada fits right in and completes an agile workflow from image to plan. We’ll help you personalize your setup according to your existing planning environment.

  • The use of multi-modality imaging to aid planning, daily verification and treatment monitoring is growing
  • Mirada’s mini RT-PACS software (DBx) was developed with this in mind, offering you a flexible, scalable and easy-to-use solution to manage treatment-planning specific data
  • But that’s not all. The software also provides you with:
    • Storage for imaging and DICOM-RT data
    • Query/retrieval of data from any DICOM location, be it a TPS, PACS or scanner etc.
    • An intuitive user interface to browse patient data
    • The ability to view and edit DICOM tags or to anonymise patient data

Proven interoperability with DICOM-based radiation therapy software (TPS, scanner, PACS, etc.) ensures smooth operation. Information is then shared between Mirada and your TPS using DICOM-RT transfer protocols.

Get in touch today to learn how Mirada is already used as a part of a similar treatment planning and delivery set up to yours.

  • At Mirada, we believe that a truly agile workflow includes automation of repetitive tasks. That’s why we offer comprehensive scripting and protocol templates that can be fully customized by you and run with just a single click.
  • Mirada’s RTx™ software includes a variety of automated and semi-automated tools as well as workflows for registration and contouring.
  • With RTx, you can undo and redo an unlimited number of steps.
  • Our unique Zero-Click™ platform, Workflow Box™, offers workflows that are easy to customize to suit your department, including automated routing of data between DICOM nodes and various research applications
  • Mirada RTx can be customized to help radiation oncologists contour target volumes in the quickest and most efficient way possible
  • While Mirada’s RTx comes with fully pre-configured settings, users can also:
    • Fully customize the user interface
    • Create standard report templates
    • Re-use existing hotkeys and layouts from their TPS, VSim, etc .

“Technology is a major part of our treatment and workflow improvement strategy. We chose Mirada because their contouring solution allows us the flexibility to push boundaries in research whilst using robust workflows we can trust in a clinical setting as well. With growing patient numbers and treatment complexity, increasing efficiency and flexibility whilst improving quality and precision has become imperative.”

– Dr. Peter Remeijer, Dutch Cancer Institute, Antoni Van Leeuwen NKI