Radiation Oncology

Mirada’s RT solutions add the power of automation and optimization of the RT workflows, with quality tools to accelerate RT cancer care


We offer flexible and highly configurable software with various licensing and deployment options. Mirada Medical products can integrate seamlessly with your PACs, load images from any scanner, and can be deployed as standalone workstation and thin client solution for remote reporting.

Products & Solutions

Software to Accelerate your Cancer Care

DLCExpert – AI Autocontouring

A Zero-click autocontouring solution for RT clinicians, with the flexibility to choose from an AI Library of structures, covering head and neck, thorax, prostate, and breast. Built using deep learning technology (a branch of AI) to save time and add OAR contouring consistency (learn more about what it means for you...).

RTx – Registration & Visualization

RTx is the product of choice for clinics wanting an independent registration, visualization and contour editing software, away from a time-critical TPS. RTx is not a one size fits all tool. Its registration algorithm is uniquely tailored and supports multiple workflows, from target contouring, adaptive to multi-modal fusion and more.


A Zero-click multi Atlas contouring solution, Embrace:MR enables you to autocontour any structure in the body using both Mirada's unique proven multi-Atlas technology, which covers the major anatomical sites, and your own Atlas structures, to ensure your departments contouring preferences are met.

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