Precision confidence for radiotherapy image workflows needed to enhance your treatment planning experience

RTx is a trusted, accurate and comprehensive image registration and visualization software package for radiotherapy professionals.

Align anatomical, functional and 4D imaging

Image Registration

RTx is a trusted, accurate and comprehensive image registration and visualization software package for radiotherapy professionals. RTx provides advanced workflows for radiotherapy experts looking for all the benefits of a robust image registration workflow solution without being tied to a costly TPS.

Mirada’s registration algorithm is unique and efficient as workflows can be tailored to hospital preferences.

Solutions include:

  • Image registration (rigid & modality-specific deformable(DIR))
  • Multi-modality contouring (OAR, target volume, contouring tools)
  • Adaptive (Recontouring, dose deformation, dose summation)
  • 4D Image Support and ITV
  • Stereotactic Radiotherapy  (SABR, SRS, SBRT)
  • Proton Therapy
Efficiency, Choice & Contouring Ease

Trusted, accurate and comprehensive image registration and visualization software

Target Volume Contouring

Mirada's applications provide radical time savings through patented workflows optimized for the contouring process. Image fusion allows you to perform contouring on multiple image modalities simultaneously, taking advantage of whichever provides the most useful information. Additionally, contouring can occur in any plane on any modality, whether oblique or aligned with the patient axes, and takes place in real-time across all modalities. Automated and semi-automated 2D, 3D, and 4D tools for contouring remove the need to draw every contour by hand

Dose Deformation and Summation

Assessing dose plans across time-points for adaptive therapy or retreatment planning requires a registration algorithm that offers anatomically plausible deformations in low-contrast regions. Mirada's deformable image registration engine uses a highly-optimized derivative of the optic flow approach which is stable in such regions. RTx offers the quality control tools required to assess the deformation, ensuring that the quality of the deformation is suitable for dose summation

Adaptive Replanning & Assessment

The decision to adapt and replan a patient’s treatment can be time-consuming, and with a trend towards hypofractionation, adaptation is a must-have workflow. With single-click propagation of structures and dose from a planning CT to any number of day-of-treatment CBCTs, RTx makes your assessment of treatment progress significantly quicker. In addition to registration and propagation, built-in response assessment tracking provides a quantified analysis of dose coverage to support response-based plan adaptation and research protocols

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