Mirada XD™

Integrated vendor-neutral software for diagnostic reading

Mirada Diagnostic Imaging Software
presents an enterprise solution, Mirada XD4 for PET/CT,
PET/MR, nuclear medicine, and image fusion.

Efficient and practical diagnostic PET/CT reading

Perform hybrid PET/MR interpretation, software-based PET/MR and SPECT/MR fusion

With a comprehensive set of workflows powered by world-class deformable registration and accurate quantification tools, Mirada Medical will help to increase your confidence in reading and data interpretation.

Features include:

  • Quantitative PET/CT reading with automatic alignment of
    longitudinal studies upon load, and single-click region tracking
  • PET hotspot finder: quick and easy identification of lesion
    candidates for your review
  • Support protocols for assessing lesions: PERCIST, RECIST, WHO,
    Total Lesion Glycolysis
  • Unlimited multi-time point follow-up scan reviews
  •  Support for multi-timepoint gated (4D) CT and PET data and
    multi-phase CT data


Simultaneous quantitative analysis

Full-featured PET/MR Software

With Mirada XD you can perform hybrid PET/MR interpretation and software-based PET/MR and SPECT/MR fusion. For hybrid PET/MR data, load multiple studies, registered with PET/CT if desired, and swap MR sequences in real-time even in a fused view. Accurate deformable image registration allows you to perform quantitative analysis on PET/CT and PET/MR simultaneously. 

  • Multi-sequence PET/MR fusion
  • Advanced PET/MR-PET/CT comparison and interpretation
  • View attenuation maps, dynamic MRI sequence and
    functional MRI scans
  • Switch between MR sequences in real-time
Layout editor

Configurable, adaptable, and easy to use

  • Large number of workflows that can be tailored to your
    institution’s protocols, data and preferences
  • Highly Customizable User Interface
Automatically fuse an unlimited number of studies

Integrated vendor-neutral software for reading of PET/CT

Today, there are hundreds of users of Mirada XD, globally and we are proud to actively support our customers and partners to deliver the best patient care possible. Our tools are available via multiple vendors or directly via us to find out more, speak to our customer service team via the form below.

Full Custom Integration

Mirada Medical offers various licensing and deployment options. Our products can integrate seamlessly with your PACs. Mirada XD can be deployed as a standalone workstation and thin client solution for remote reporting.

Dedicated Customer Support

Mirada Medical is passionate about providing world-class customer service. Dedicated customer success team delivers support to our customers via telephone support line and email service. Our experienced clinical and technical specialists will provide you with rapid responses to your queries and work together to swiftly resolve any customer support issue you raise.

Easy Upgrades

Updates are routinely provided at no additional cost to our service customers, meaning you will always have access to our latest products and features

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