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Mirada’s mission is to ‘Accelerate Cancer Care’, based on the principles of universal, timely and effective care. In the spirit of providing universal access to the best cancer care treatment technologies, our AI Accelerator program is a tailored package that offers accelerated rapid clinical implementation, rapid clinical  optimization,  as well as access to our world-class expertise for a zero-cost, no obligation, introductory period.

Places on the program are limited, so click on the link, complete the form for an initial engagement with our team to discuss your requirements.

Acceleration through automation

Mirada's RT solutions add the power of AI automation and optimization of the RT workflows to accelerate RT cancer care.

DLCExpert gives clinics the flexibility to choose from its AI Library of structures covering: head and neck, thorax, breast and prostate. Built using deep learning technology, DLCExpert saves time while providing OAR contouring consistency and accuracy

Accelerating & Innovating

Quality, speed, and contour choice

DLCExpert excels in its quality, speed, and choice of AI contours. With Mirada’s years of knowledge and unique Clinical Support team, we ensure your preferences, implementation, and ongoing support are second to none.

Simple, Automated, AI Autocontouring

OAR Contours, drawn automatically using state of the art Deep learning technology, a branch of AI. AI Library of structures – head and neck, thorax, breast, and prostate. DLCExpert contours are built on hundreds of quality datasets, curated by clinical experts according to consensus guidelines. DLCExpert is configured by Mirada's clinical experts to your preferences

DLCExpert exploits the power of AI to empower clinicians

Flexibility to select structure combinations to suit your hospital preferences. Consistency & accuracy to immediately begin your contour quality review & one source of contour consistency across your regional geographical sites. Save time from manually intensive tasks to focus on the complex. Confidence that patient outcomes are at the heart and passion of our work and products.

What we promise and how we deliver

Robust scientific research and clinical validation Passion and commitment – visible through your appointed Clinical Customer Success representatives and through to our product and support teams Promise to work with you as a partner to innovate to accelerate cancer care

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