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-3rd May 2011

Oxford based company Mirada Medical brings powerful PET/CT oncology software to UK hospitals at BNMS Spring Meeting, Brighton 9th – 11th May 2011

Patient-centric oncology workflows from UK company Mirada Medical Limited, are key to streamlining clinical practice in PET/CT and are being showcased by Mirada at the British Nuclear Medicine Society (BNMS) Spring Meeting, Brighton Conference Centre, 9th – 11th May 2011. Mirada’s innovative software products for cancer management are designed to enable users to be more efficient, and potentially more effective, in managing patient care from diagnosis through to treatment and monitoring of therapy response. At the core of Mirada’s portfolio is the powerful XD3 software, providing clinical specialists with disease-specific oncology workflows for visualisation, quantification and tracking of patient scans from of any combination of vendor neutral CT, PET, MR and SPECT images over time. Coupled with Mirada’s registration engine, clinical assessment tools in XD3 include quantification such as PERCIST and RECIST, automated VOI propagation across timepoints, and connectivity with treatment planning systems. Users can quickly load an unlimited number of timepoints for comparison and XD3 can be customised for preferences of each specialist in a department, with fully configurable displays, layouts, quantification statistics and report templates. With new PET-MR workflows in XD3, users can immediately realise the benefits of PET-MR through tri-modal fusion of an MRI scan with a PET/CT scan, or fusion of standalone PET to MRI. This software-based PET-MR provides powerful information during tumour assessment, staging, and delineation, with better visualisation of soft tissue abnormalities and tumours best localised using MR. Founding Director, Professor Sir Michael Brady says “The combination of power and usability that the Mirada team achieve when developing medical imaging applications is quite unique in my experience. Their ability to take some of the most complex technologies, for example, image registration, and elegantly integrate these into accessible solutions for decision support in disease management sets the company aside from all the others in the field”. Offering hospitals the power of flexibility and scalability within existing hospital IT infrastructure, XD3 works in conjunction with any PACS. Mirada’s deployment model for XD3 is specifically designed to enable hospitals to select the best clinical oncology software independent of purchasing decisions around PACS installations and upgrades. Native integrations of XD3 are also available through selected partners including Carestream, Vital Images, Sectra and McKesson. The vendor neutral nature of Mirada’s products also means XD3 can be used with all the major treatment planning companies for transfer of image data and contours. To further support and streamline clinical workflow, Mirada has created a product, Caseaccess, which is complimentary to XD3 and allows remote referrers to review a case once read and reported. Mirada’s portfolio of oncology products will be showcased at booth no. 9, at the BNMS Spring Meeting, Brighton Conference Centre, 9th - 11th May 2011.