4th October 2017

Mirada wins tender to supply French public radiotherapy departments with its Zero-click Contouring™ software

Oxford, 4th October 2017 UniHA, a group purchasing organisation serving all public sector hospitals in France, has declared Mirada the sole winner of their nationwide tender for automatic contouring of organs at risk in radiotherapy. Additionally, Mirada will offer tools with which to perform multi-modality image registration and assist in the delivery of adaptive therapy. UniHA serves more than 170 members, generating an annual purchasing portfolio of over 3.2B€.

Through the 3-year agreement, all UniHA affiliates will be able to purchase Mirada’s radiotherapy applications, Workflow Box™ and RTx. Workflow Box’s Zero-Click autocontouring and adaptive re-contouring of organs-at-risk automates particularly time-consuming tasks. RTx enables radiotherapy departments to improve the accuracy and consistency of their treatment processes by providing tools for deformable image registration, region contouring and adaptive therapy.

‘We are delighted to have been selected by UniHA to supply their broad network of institutions across France with radiotherapy applications. We will support the use of our state-of-the-art software in the daily delivery of care in all public radiotherapy departments,’ said Matthieu Leclerc-Chalvet, Managing Director of Mirada Medical. ‘Our radiotherapy software platform will bring efficient workflows for contouring and adaptive therapy into daily care in UniHA’s affiliated institutions, and enable the clinical implementation of state-of-the-art treatments through its robust multimodal image registration.’

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