30th November 2009

Mirada Medical’s New Case Viewer Program Saves Clinicians Preparation Time and Dramatically Enhances Presentations

Mirada Medical (Oxford, UK) is distributing free copies of their new Casebook case viewer program this week to clinicians at the annual Radiological Society of North America meeting being held this week in Chicago. Casebook has been developed by Mirada as a plug-in to Microsoft® PowerPoint®, which is regarded as the de facto standard presentation software worldwide. Casebook will also be available to download free from the Mirada-Medical website www.mirada-casebook.com by the end of 2009. Mirada’s Casebook is the world’s first easy to use, fully interactive, completely free and professionally developed medical image and fusion image viewer. Casebook makes presenting clinical cases a breeze and saves clinicians time in preparing their cases for teaching and symposiums. Casebook features include interactive windowing, zoom, transparency and slice navigation, triangulated MPR views, bookmarks and any modality combination fused views. Mirada has taken its extensive imaging know-how and built it into a simple, fast and intuitive case viewer for the world’s most widely used presentation application. And, then they made it available free! “Preparing cases for presentation has typically been a laborious task for clinicians”, stated Hugh Bettesworth, CEO of Mirada-Medical. “Our new Casebook product takes the hassle out of preparation in that clinicians can now load complete image sets and present them with bookmarks or dynamically using tools they are familiar with. It makes the presentation of cases the exact same process that clinicians went through when they reported the case.” “I’ve had the opportunity to use this product recently and have found it to be very useful for presenting cases at tumor board, doing resident case review conferences, as well as using it for a richer experience in my lectures” stated Dr. Todd Blodgett, radiologist from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Casebook is strictly a presentation tool and not a medical devise. As such, it is not intended, by design, marketing or function to be used for diagnostic purposes.