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-2nd April 2011

Mirada Medical to Showcase XD3 at International Congress of Nuclear Medicine in Bregenz, Austria April 13th-16th, 2011

Mirada Medical Limited will be showcasing XD3, advanced imaging software for oncology, at the International Congress of Nuclear Medicine in Bregenz, Austria on April 13-16, 2011. The congress is a joint annual meeting of the German, Austrian and Swiss Societies of Nuclear Medicine. Designed to be patient-centric, Mirada’s XD3 oncology software provides users with disease specific oncology workflows for visualisation, quantification and tracking of patient scans from of any combination of vendor neutral CT, PET, MRI, and SPECT images over time. XD3 extends well beyond initial diagnosis and staging by additionally providing follow-up workflows for monitoring treatment response. With XD3, users can immediately realise the benefits of PET/MRI through tri-modal fusion of an MRI scan with a PET/CT scan. This software-based PET/MRI provides powerful information during tumour assessment, staging, and delineation, with better visualisation of soft tissue abnormalities and tumours best localised using MRI. In addition to exhibiting at the congress, Mirada is also sponsoring the pre-congress symposium "Nuclear medicine imaging for pharmacological and clinical studies”. Through a new partnership with ABX-CRO, XD3 will now be available to the clinical trials market. Dr. Timor Kadir, Chief Scientist of Mirada Medical based in Oxford, UK, says “We are excited to be showcasing our latest developments in oncology at the congress this year, and we believe XD3 has the most comprehensive and progressive tools for reading hardware or software based PET/MRI. Our partnership with ABX-CRO also enables XD3 to reach the clinical trials market where PET trials can significantly benefit from our advanced quantification and treatment response assessment tools.” , From microdosing studies to oncology trials where PET will be used as one of the imaging endpoints, ABX-CRO will now be able to provide pharma with XD3 software as part of their imaging core lab offering. Unlike other oncology applications, XD3 supports unlimited patient timepoints for follow-up assessment, so that any combination of scans over time can be included during review. SUV-based software assisted tracking of PET hotspots makes comparison across timepoints simple and efficient, so that measurement of change for treatment response assessment can be easily reported and carried through to future scans. Full support for PERCIST is also a key feature of XD3. This level of comprehensive patient workflow is critical to consistency and efficiency when following a patient from diagnosis through a course of treatment over a number of days, months or years. Alongside ABX-CRO on a joint booth, Mirada Medical will be showcasing XD3 with leading developments in software-based PET/MRI at the International Congress of Nuclear Medicine in Bregenz, Austria April 13-16 2011, Bregnez Festival House, Booth No. E 5C.