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-10th November 2015

Mirada Medical to provide imaging software to aid cancer diagnostics across England

In January 2015 the NHS selected a collaborative network, led by Alliance Medical, to provide PET/CT scanning services across the country, following a competitive tender process. The network also involves a number of leading academic institutions, including The Christie NHS Foundation Trust and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, as well as local NHS and charitable partners.  PET/CT imaging is critical for accurate diagnosis, staging and follow-up of many cancers. It enables treating clinicians to see precisely where the tumours are located and how they change or spread over the course of the disease and its treatment. More than 50,000 PET/CT scans are read in England each year.  Mirada's XD3 software provides powerful tools to combine quantification information from these scans, enabling clinicians to confidently assess their patients. As part of the contract Oxford-based Mirada Medical are delivering their diagnostic imaging software, XD3 Advanced, to the whole collaborative network.  “We have been partners with Alliance Medical for many years and were delighted when they were successful in being awarded a major new contract to provide PET/CT services to NHS Hospitals throughout England. Our software will help doctors to standardise the complex process of analysing diagnostic scans across the country,” says Matthieu Leclerc-Chalvet, Managing Director at Mirada Medical, Oxford. “Mirada’s XD3 software provides a robust reporting solution with state-of-the-art features facilitating quantitative data analysis. It is a reliable and efficient platform for PET/CT reporting that gives confidence in image interpretation. This is key to the assessment and treatment efficacy and effective ongoing cancer care,” says Dr. Andrew Scarsbrook, Consultant Radiologist & Nuclear Medicine Physician, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. “Alliance Medical believes that our PET/CT collaborative network, together with Mirada Medical software, will result in the highest quality clinical analysis combined with improvements in productivity and associated cost.”  Says Dr. Johann Alberts, Director of PET/CT Operations, Alliance Medical. Mirada's software products are available to the NHS and to thousands of users throughout the world under its own brand, and on an OEM basis through select global leading healthcare companies.

About Mirada Medical Ltd

Mirada Medical is a leading international brand in medical imaging. The company develops advanced software applications which help healthcare professionals use medical images more effectively and efficiently to improve cancer care. Mirada’s products are used across diagnostic radiology, molecular imaging, radiation oncology, medical oncology, Multidisciplinary meetings and elsewhere. Mirada’s technologies and products continue to be developed by their team of specialists, engineers and world-renowned scientists at Mirada’s world headquarters in Oxford, England. For more information about Mirada Medical products visit https://www.mirada-medical.com XD3TM and Mirada Medical are trademarks of Mirada Medical Ltd.

About Alliance Medical

Alliance Medical Limited is Europe’s leading independent provider of imaging services. Established in 1989, Alliance Medical operates in 17 European countries. Alliance Medical’s “intelligent imaging” services focus on the convergence of skill, technology and information and help provide clinicians with vital knowledge to make accurate and speedy diagnoses. In the UK, Alliance Medical has 25 years’ experience of delivering a range of diagnostic imaging services for patients. The company operates a network of scanning centres, which offer predominantly MRI scanning, but some sites also offer a range of other diagnostic modalities including CT, PET/CT, DEXA, X-ray and Ultrasound. Alliance Medical currently provides over 120 medical imaging services to the NHS and independent sector and has developed services in partnership with local NHS Trusts to ensure that patients receive the best possible care at the right time.

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