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-25th October 2010

Mirada Medical Showcases Imaging Technologies at ASTRO Conference in San Diego

Mirada Medical Limited, the fast growing international company focused on advanced oncology imaging, is showcasing a variety of powerful imaging technologies at the annual conference of the American Society of Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) in San Diego, Oct. 31st to Nov. 3rd. Mirada will be based at Booth 1813. The Oxford, UK based company is showing a range of applications which will complement the treatment planning process and deliver new insight in treatment response assessment. Central to the presentation will be imaging workflows to support adaptive radiation therapy through the software assisted assessment of anatomical change as a result of treatment. Mirada’s technology leading deformable image registration technologies will power applications such as contour warping from planning to re-planning CT. The same registration technologies also enable non CT modalities such as MRI and PET to be seamlessly integrated into the planning process, again through the utilization of deformable image registration. Mirada’s products have proven interoperability with all major treatment planning. Mirada will also showcase full integration of gated CT/PET data within its XD3 image analysis application. Mirada’s Chief Executive, Hugh Bettesworth said “Powerful multi-modal deformable registration is the engine inside many of the most exciting new applications for radiation oncology. Mirada is delighted to be at ASTRO this year, where we will show what we believe is the world’s leading registration technology powering the next generation of RT workflows. Users of such workflows will save time, and potentially gain valuable new insight as they undertake the complex task of planning and delivering potentially life saving therapies.