12th March 2018

Mirada Medical releases Workflow Box™ 2.0, upgrading its unique Zero-Click™ platform for automation of complex radiation therapy imaging workflows

Oxford, 12TH March 2018 – Mirada Medical, a leading global brand in medical imaging software, has released Workflow Box™ 2.0, the latest version of its platform for automation of imaging workflows in radiation treatment planning.

Workflow Box 2.0 supports an expanded menu of Zero-Click™ workflows that help to deliver quality and consistency in radiation oncology treatment planning, while automating time consuming clinical tasks. With this upgrade, Mirada has leveraged its extensive expertise in medical imaging analysis to automate tasks that were previously complex to perform and prone to inconsistency within workstation-based products.

This new platform supports Mirada’s recently announced DLCExpert™, the world’s first Deep Learning-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution for automated contouring of critical structures. Five additional Zero-Click automated workflows are also supported including multi-modal autocontouring of critical structures, routing of data, and support for the customized integration of applications developed by users, researchers and business partners.

Workflow Box 2.0 may be used to support treatment planning, monitoring, assessment, and plan adaptation. All supported workflows deliver approval-ready output without any further human intervention, once configured to the preferences of the clinician.

Hugh Bettesworth, Mirada’s CEO, comments, “With Workflow Box 2.0, we provide both enhanced medical image processing with our own technologies and the potential for our customers to use our platform to manage and launch their own programs. The release of Workflow Box 2.0 is another example of Mirada fulfilling our mission to simplify the complex.”

Workflow Box 2.0 is CE marked for Europe and is FDA 510(k) pending in the USA.



About Mirada Medical

Mirada is a leading international brand that develops software applications that simplify solutions to complex image analysis problems in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Through automation, our products improve consistency and productivity while enabling clinicians to deliver more personalized care. By combining deep learning technology with our thorough understanding of the challenges faced in oncology today, Mirada is leading the development of next generation imaging software and decision support products. Our staff are passionate about using their expertise to help our customers provide better healthcare for more patients.

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