5th July 2010

Mirada Medical Releases Casebook Software Upgrade for Medical Imaging Presentations

Mirada Medical Limited, the fast growing international company focused on advanced oncology imaging, today announces that it has released a software upgrade for Casebook (Casebook 1.1.), Mirada’s unique presentation tool for showing medical scans in Microsoft PowerPoint (“PowerPoint”). Casebook 1.1 works as a plug-in to PowerPoint and uniquely supports fully triangulated multiplanar reconstruction (“MPR”) viewing of single or fused medical images. The new software may be used as a standalone program but also offers full integration with Mirada’s clinical products including XD3, Mirada’s powerful multi-modality image analysis application. Casebook 1.1 enables users to present case information derived from imaging studies clearly and professionally. The software also offers new image visualisation options and easy-to-use editing functions. Commenting on today’s announcement, Chief Executive Officer, Hugh Bettesworth said: “Casebook provides an easy-to-use solution to a routine problem encountered by clinicians, researchers, academics, students and all who regularly show medical images using PowerPoint. Casebook comprehensively enhances these presentations by adding support for many of the image visualisation features which were previously the preserve of dedicated reading software.” Casebook 1.1 is available to download free of charge from the Casebook website.