21st November 2012

Mirada Medical Presents Multi-modal Quantitative Reading Exhibit at the RSNA Annual Meeting

Chicago, IL, November 26, 2012: More that 25,000 radiologists and clinicians from around the world are meeting this week in Chicago, Illinois for the annual Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) conference. Mirada Medical and collaborators are demonstrating the importance of quantitative assessment in imaging; specifically, how multi-modal imaging may influence quantitative reporting in oncology patients and the benefit of volumetric measurements in CT, MRI, and PET/CT. "We are showing how measurements can be made reproducible and consolidated across sub-specialties including CT, MRI, PET/CT, and longitudinally," stated Dr Mark Gooding, head researcher for the program. "We are also demonstrating how volumetric measurements can enable clinicians to get a clearer picture of disease state and how it can be incorporated into a radiologist's workflow while maintaining efficiency," concluded Gooding. The title of the educational presentation is Quantitative Reading in Multimodal Oncology Imaging. It was selected by the RSNA for inclusion in the Quantitative Imaging Reading Room (QIRR, exhibit 3013), a special educational section dedicated to quantitative imaging innovation. The study was conducted in collaboration with leading clinicians from The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) utilizing Mirada Medical XD3 advanced image analysis software tools. Dr Marcus Keller, M.D, of UAMS, will be present in the QIRR exhibit 12:30-1:30 PM daily for a "Meet the Experts" session to discuss the clinical findings of the study. Dr. Etienne von Lavante, D.Phil., of Mirada Medical, will represent the technology aspects. Mirada Medical will also be demonstrating their latest range of advanced image review and analysis software capabilities in the North technical exhibit hall, booth 8744, at McCormick Place.