11th September 2013

Mirada Medical presents cost-effective alternative to hybrid PET/MRI scanners at Royal College of Radiologists’ meeting.

Oxford, UK, 11 September 2013: The fusion of PET/CT and MRI scans to achieve the combined clinical benefits of PET/MRI “is now within reach of everyone,” according to Dr Timor Kadir, Chief Science and Technology Officer of Mirada Medical. Dr Kadir is a guest lecturer this week at the Royal College of Radiologists’ annual Clinical Radiology Scientific Meeting being held at The Barbican in London. His talk entitled Software PET/MRI – a cost effective alternative demonstrates how through Mirada’s innovative software image registration, CT and MRI scans may be used to align separately acquired PET/CT and MRI scans to form software PET/MRI - without the need for a dedicated dual imaging scanner. PET/MRI imaging has continued to gain interest since the introduction of dedicated scanners a few short years ago. Although

PET/MRI demonstrates clinically superiority at visualizing certain types of soft tissue lesions, the price tag of dedicated dual imaging scanners has limited their adoption to a few elite institutions around the world. The key to successful software PET/MRI is Mirada’s modality specific deformable image registration algorithms that enable clinicians to precisely align patient images acquired on separate PET/CT and MRI scanners. “With the precise alignment of deformable image fusion and the cost effective software approach, more institutions are now able to offer patients the benefits of PET/MRI. It is no longer only for the elite,” proclaimed Kadir.

Dr. Kadir’s lecture will be on Wednesday 11 September from 11-11:30 AM and is part of the Technology Advances – Hybrid Imaging sessions. Mirada Medical develop innovative software solutions to help radiologists and oncologists better visualize and analyze disease and plan proper treatment. The company will be demonstrating their suite of image analysis and radiation oncology assessment and planning tools in the technical exhibit section at The Barbican 9-11, September. Dr. Kadir, and his Mirada colleagues, will be available for questions and discussion.

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