26th May 2016

Mirada Medical, MAASTRO clinic and SOHARD collaborate on machine learning and big data driven radiation therapy treatment planning.

Mirada Medical, MAASTRO clinic and SOHARD collaborate on machine learning and big data driven radiation therapy treatment planning.

Oxford, United Kingdom, 26th May 2016: Mirada Medical Ltd, UK, MAASTRO clinic, the Netherlands and SOHARD Software GmbH, Germany, have won a European Eurostars grant to develop the next generation of automatic contouring and semantic database driven treatment planning support software. The collaboration will see Mirada Medical combine its expertise on medical image analysis and registration with the clinical knowledge from MAASTRO clinic. SOHARD  will provide access to and further develop its semantic database technology, SeDI, that will be used to index large datasets of previously delivered radiation therapy plans. As part of the collaboration MAASTRO clinic will provide access to up to 2.5M images, plans and contour sets from previous radiation therapy plans.  Mirada will utilize its machine learning and image analysis technology to learn the patterns and relationships deep within the data to deliver beyond state-of-the-art automatic contouring and treatment planning support. “We are very excited with this opportunity to work on the next generation system with leading clinical partners and industrial partners,” said Dr. Timor Kadir, Mirada Medical CSTO. He continued, “We believe that machine learning applied to large datasets will deliver a step-change in performance.”

About Mirada Medical Ltd

Mirada Medical is a leading international brand in medical imaging. The company develops advanced software applications which help healthcare professionals use medical images more effectively and efficiently to improve cancer care. Mirada’s products are used across diagnostic radiology, molecular imaging, radiation oncology, medical oncology, multidisciplinary meetings and elsewhere. Mirada’s technologies and products continue to be developed by their team of specialists, engineers and world-renowned scientists at Mirada’s world headquarters in Oxford, England. For more information about Mirada Medical products visit https://www.mirada-medical.com RTx, Workflox Box and Mirada Medical are trademarks of Mirada Medical Ltd.

About MAASTRO clinic

MAASTRO clinic provides the best possible treatments for combating cancer, healing people and reducing suffering, together with the patient and his or her relatives and in close cooperation with partners in oncology. Every year MAASTRO clinic is responsible for approximately 4,000 radiotherapy treatments. Our fight against cancer is based around radiotherapy, scientific research and education. The central aim of MAASTRO clinic’s strategy is “individualized radiotherapy”. For example, we use 3D and 4D imaging capabilities to make tumours clearer so that radiation can be used more effectively and with fewer complications for our patients. Thesecustomised treatments are based on the most recent scientific insights. About SOHARD SOHARD is a renowned software development company dedicated to the medical sector. The company contributes products and services to the software platforms of PACS systems, imaging modalities and radiotherapy. SOHARD continuously innovates and develops new products: It is the first company worldwide to provide a Semantic PACS for clinical use. For more information about SOHARD products and services visit www.sohard.de.

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