4th June 2010

Mirada Medical Demonstrates XD3’s Enhanced Quality Control Features for Accurate SUV Readings of Oncology Scans

Mirada Medical Limited, the profitable and fast growing international company focused on advanced oncology imaging announced today that at the forthcoming Society of Nuclear Medicine Conference (5th to 9th June 2010, Salt Lake City) it will highlight comprehensive Standardised Uptake Value (SUV) quality control features for use with it’s XD3 PET-CT and multi-modal image analysis application. The Standardised Uptake Value can be used by clinicians to quantify the metabolic activity of a tumour in an FDG-PET or FDG-PET/CT scan. Variations in the SUV may be caused by, amongst other factors, errors or inconsistencies in the scanning procedure and is a recognised problem since such variations cannot be distinguished from those related to changes in the disease. It is important that any such errors or inconsistencies are highlighted to the user as SUV readings can help the clinician assess treatment response and determine the best treatment regimen for oncology patients. Mirada Medical’s improved quality control features enable inconsistencies in the input data to be easily recognised by the user. Key data can be tracked across time points to assess the validity of any comparison they may need to make in reporting disease change. Using the quality control features of Mirada’s XD3, users can quickly and more reliably spot parameters which may be inconsistent or beyond the range acceptable to the user. Commenting on today’s announcement, Chief Technology Officer, Dr Timor Kadir said: “Clinical users are aware of the limitations and variations which may exist when reporting the activity of a malignancy using an SUV. Mirada have been providing data quality control features in our products for many years and our XD3 application allows users to quickly identify those values or ranges which may be inconsistent or beyond acceptable bounds. The team at Mirada Medical has studied the latest research in designing our improved quality control features to ensure our users can follow current best practice when assessing the quality of the SUV they are reading from the scan.” Mirada Medical will showcase its latest industry leading developments at this year’s Society of Nuclear Medicine Annual Conference, held 5-9 June 2010, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mirada Medical’s team will be located at booth No. 1613.