26th March 2013

Mirada Medical Delivers PET/MRI Software to Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen and Fuels Advanced Medical Imaging and Collaborative Cancer Therapy

Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark, has joined the growing number of prestigious institutions worldwide that are utilizing Mirada Medical’s advanced software across diagnostic radiology, molecular imaging, radiation oncology and medical oncology. Mirada Medical’s innovative XD3 and RTx software products help clinicians to use  medical images to diagnose and treat cancer more effectively while achieving greater integration and workflow efficiency. “We are proud to have been selected by Rigshospitalet,” stated Hugh Bettesworth, CEO of Mirada Medical. “Our software will enable their clinicians and researchers to strengthen their research into hybrid PET/MR imaging  while  supporting their  collaborative approach to cancer care by delivering a more seamless workflow across  diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy. ” added Bettesworth. The Department of Clinical Physiology, Nuclear Medicine and PET at Rigshospitalet inaugurated the first PET/MR system in Scandinavia, and the third of its kind worldwide at the time of installation. Recognizing that hybrid PET/MRI demands significant new software capabilities compared to traditional PET/CT workstations to handle the vast number of sequences in one study, Rigshospitalet have now added Mirada Medical’s XD3 software to fully capitalize on their PET/MRI hardware. Mirada Medical’s XD3 advanced image review and analysis software enables essential hybrid PET/MRI workflows such as instantaneous MRI sequence switching in fused views, side-by-side comparison with PET/CT and longitudinal PET/MRI studies, all facilitated by XD3’s ability to load and automatically register unlimited volumetric studies from any hardware vendor. “Mirada Medical’s advanced software has enabled us to get the most out of our PET/MR hardware investment”, stated Dr. Johan Löfgren, Senior Consultant at Rigshospitalet. “We easily perform multi-sequence switching and compare PET/MR side-by-side with PET/CT cases. It’s really enhanced our research capability in this exciting field.” he added. Rigshospitalet have also selected Mirada’s RTx suite of high-performance software tools for radiotherapy planning and assessment. The synergistic integration between Mirada’s XD3 and RTx products enables PET GTVs defined in the nuclear medicine department to be incorporated seamlessly in treatment planning by the radiotherapy department enhancing interdepartmental collaboration, clinical confidence and improving workflow efficiency. Dr. Flemming Littrup Andersen, computer scientist, said “Mirada’s suite of products enables our Radiation oncology and nuclear medicine departments to cooperate more effectively to ensure the patient receives the best treatment possible.”