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-13th July 2015

Mirada Medical announces RegistrationQX – Patient-specific Quantitative Assessment of Deformable Image Registration Quality at AAPM

 Mirada Medical announces RegistrationQXTM - Patient-specific Quantitative Assessment of Deformable Image Registration Quality at AAPM

Innovative work by Mirada Medical and collaborators from the University Medical Center, Groningen, The Netherlands, on Quality Assurance of Deformable Image Registration (DIR) will be presented at the annual meeting of the American Association of Medical Physicists (AAPM). Accurate definition of targets and critical structures is essential for the planning and delivery of radiation therapy and radiosurgery. Deformable image registration (DIR) is increasingly utilized during treatment planning to aid in this process. A critical step in deploying Deformable Image Registration (DIR) in the clinic is Quality Assurance of the result. To date, this has been typically performed qualitatively using tools such as fusion overlays and inspection of the deformation field requiring a user experienced with DIR, patient anatomy and the clinical context. Such an approach is subjective and can lead to significant inter-user variability. Existing quantitative tools such as measuring Target Registration Error and Dice overlap of structures are practical for commissioning and research but are often too labor intensive for clinical use.   Mirada Medical and collaborators will be introducing RegistrationQXTM, a novel technique to overcome these limitations. RegistrationQX uses a set of quantitative measurements of the deformation quality, numerical robustness and matching to assist the user in assessing the quality of a DIR result. With the release of RegistrationQX, clinical staff will now be able to augment their visual DIR quality assurance with an automatically generated quantitative report. The original research, being presented by Mirada Senior Research Scientist Mark Gooding in session WE-AB-BRA-6 (Wednesday, July 15, 2015), compares the quantitative scores produced by RegistrationQX with grading scores produced by experts with significant experience in using DIR clinically on 27 Head and Neck patients. Good correlation (0.86) was observed between the automatic and manual scores indicating that the quantitative scores reflected the opinions of the experts.   RegistrationQXTM and this study form part of Mirada’s Registration AssuranceTM program, a comprehensive program for ensuring DIR quality and continuous improvement through rigorous scientific validation of technology, education, comprehensive QC tools and a commitment to ongoing development and support. Mirada recognizes the need for ongoing innovation in workflows such as adaptive replanning for radiation therapy, as well as assurance that their technology can be trusted to provide quality of care to the patient. The registration workflows used in the study are all available in the new releases of Mirada RTx™ and Mirada Workflow Box™.   Mirada Medical will be demonstrating its complete suite of radiotherapy applications, and demonstrating its unique RegistrationQX tool at AAPM, booth # 1145. Mirada scientists will be available to discuss their work and answer questions.

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