26th May 2015

Mirada Medical and Nautilus Medical agree co-marketing of their technologies to solve PET/CT viewer portability.

The need for a portable PET/CT viewer is now solved with Mirada Medical and Nautilus joining technologies.

CHICAGO, USA and Oxford, UK — May 26th, 2015 —Mirada Medical and Nautilus Medical have announced their agreement to provide the portable Mirada PET/CT viewer to existing and future Nautilus Medical customers for their CD/DVD DICOM distribution systems. Hospitals and imaging centers worldwide are recognizing the need for a PET/CT viewer to be added to their CDs and DVDs going to referring physicians and specialists.  Now they can have this opportunity with any Nautilus system. In addition, many sites currently using the Mirada Medical workstations for diagnostic review will have congruency with their viewers by using a Nautilus system. “Many sites have requested a viewer that can display the images produced by a PET/CT system and now we can satisfy our customers with our partnership with Mirada,” said Timothy Kelley, chief executive officer for Nautilus. “As PET/CT becomes a more predominant technology, a portable viewer will become necessary for any institution.” Mirada and Nautilus are dedicated to better patient care and providing solutions that result in better outcomes.  “Technology partners are an important element of expanding our presence and providing better tools for our doctors and users,” said Matthieu Leclerc-Chalvet, Managing Director of Mirada Medical.

About Mirada Medical

Mirada Medical is a prominent global brand in medical imaging software. Mirada’s innovative software solutions are routinely used in radiology, molecular imaging, radiation oncology and in multidisciplinary meetings throughout hospitals, imaging centers and cancer centers worldwide.  Mirada excels at combining scientifically advanced technology with practical application for diagnosis, management and treatment of cancer and other diseases.

About Nautilus Medical

Nautilus Medical has been fulfilling a mission of easy distribution of radiological images for over a decade.  Nautilus solution may be found in many of the leading healthcare institutions around the world. Nautilus is working on next level technologies for the distribution of images in the cloud.   - see more about Nautilus Medical here  

Mirada Contact:

Matthieu Leclerc-Chalvet Managing Director

E-Mail: matthieu.leclerc-chalvet@miradamedical.com

+44 1865 261410

Nautilus Contact:

Timothy Kelley President/CEO

E-Mail: tim@nautilusmedical.com