15th September 2011

Mirada Medical and ABX-CRO Take Efficiency and Reliability to next level

Mirada Medical (Oxford, UK) and ABX-CRO (Dresden, Germany) announce today that they have formalised an agreement under which ABX-CRO will utilise Mirada’s most advanced multi-modality imaging applications to deliver greater efficiency and more reliable results in clinical trials in oncology and neurosciences. Mirada’s products, which have been developed for clinical use and are cleared by the FDA, are uniquely suited to usage in clinical trials because they support unlimited patient timepoints for follow-up assessment of CT, MRI, PET or SPECT or any hybrid combination of the two. The applications incorporate native support for standard protocols such as RECIST and PERCIST, and can be modified to support the specific protocols of any given trial. Complex findings and results may be automatically sent to the trial-specific database in a predefined trial specific format, thereby reducing time and avoiding errors which may be caused when working through spread sheets or paper based systems.

This combination of advanced quantification techniques and configurable analysis protocol is critical to improving consistency and efficiency when following a patient through a clinical trial over a number of days, months or years. ABX-CRO provides comprehensive development services for imaging biomarkers, and implements advanced PET and SPECT imaging solutions for therapy trials. Introducing advanced molecular imaging into late-stage drug development, ABX-CRO offers the pharmaceutical industry a wealth of quantitative endpoints, mechanistically evidencing drug effects or predicting clinical outcome. Mirada’s advanced imaging applications allow ABX-CRO to further develop their market adopting more powerful analysis techniques at a larger scale. Mirada Medical Chief Executive Hugh Bettesworth welcomes the new agreement. “

We are excited to be working with ABX-CRO who we consider to be one of the most innovative companies working in clinical trials today. By combining their knowledge of the trials industry with Mirada’s stunning technologies to enable software assisted multi-modality and novel molecular image quantification over successive patient follow ups, we believe we can offer new levels of productivity and data compliance in cancer trials”. Dr. Andreas Kluge, General Manager and founder of ABX-CRO states “Mirada combines mature cutting-edge technology, with the ability and flexibility to provide special solutions for new requirements, allowing us to comprehensively address most standard and non-standard analytical problems with a single solution. We feel that Mirada and ABX-CRO are natural partners in their mission to make quantitative molecular imaging a reality not only in clinical medicine but also in late-stage drug development."