20th May 2020

Mirada delivers online AI-autocontouring for cancer treatment planning

Mirada Medical launches online autocontouring with DLCExpert™ to support oncologists during the COVID-19 pandemic


Clinicians can access DLCExpert™ online (DLCOnline) to help them manage the backlog of cases which has built up during the crisis


Oxford, United Kingdom, May 19th, 2020 – Mirada Medical, a global leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) software for the treatment of cancer, has launched an DLCExpert™, which is now available for cancer treatment centres to use free of charge until 31st July 2020. DLCExpert™ is the world’s first commercially available AI-powered autocontouring software for cancer treatment planning and the only system with over one year of clinically proven use.


Available online, oncologists and dosimetrists can securely upload their treatment planning CT scans to be autocontoured by DLCOnline, giving them back precious time to focus on patient care. To date, more than 50 cancer centres worldwide have registered for the service.


Hugh Bettesworth, CEO of Mirada Medical said, “Healthcare is Mirada’s business and we have been asking ourselves what more we can do to support cancer care during this crisis, DLCOnline has been created to help clinicians clear the backlog of cases as treatment resumes. By offering the service in all territories where we have regulatory clearance, and free of all charges until the 31st July, we hope to support cancer centres deliver more life-saving patient care.”


DLCExpert is a new product developed using advanced AI technology, and has been cleared for clinical use in the USA, EEA, UK, and India. Last year approximately 16,000 radiation treatment plans were made using Mirada Medical’s autocontouring. DLCExpert has been shown to deliver high quality, consistent organ-at-risk contours while delivering significant time savings when compared with the manual process.



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