A message from Hugh Bettesworth.

“Mirada has been proactive in taking such measures as we can to protect our employees, customers and the wider community from the threat of coronavirus. I speak for everyone in the company when I extend our gratitude to the healthcare workers who are now our frontline in the fight against this disease.

Healthcare is Mirada’s business and we have been asking ourselves what more can we do to help. We are already providing full support to our customers who need to set up remote working.

Over the past few years, Mirada has developed some of the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence technology for autocontouring in radiation oncology. We call this Deep Learning Contouring (“DLC”). It is a new product, now cleared for clinical use in the USA, EEA and UK. Last year about 16,000 radiation treatment plans were made using our autocontouring. DLC has been shown to deliver high quality, consistent organ-at-risk contours while delivering significant time savings when compared with the manual process. 

Due to the impact of corona virus, cancer centres are experiencing staff shortages and treatment delays. We have been asked if we are able to provide solutions to help them through this difficult period.

In response to this, we are now offering these centres access to an online version of our DLCExpert autocontouring product. To assist rapid access to the service, we will minimise the set up process and waive all fees until at least 31st May 2020.

If, by mitigating the impact of staff shortages, we can help cancer centres deliver treatment to just one more patient, Mirada will consider this initiative a success. The service will initially be offered to our existing customers in Europe and the USA, but I hope to be able to offer it more widely in those territories where we have regulatory clearance for DLCExpert over the coming weeks.​"

Thank you.
Hugh Bettesworth


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