Human Bytes signs partnership agreement with Mirada Medical

Human Bytes will be able to autocontour OAR using DLCExpert

London 14th January: Human Bytes, a new organization focused on facilitating a quantum leap in the Nordic healthcare sector, today announced its first partnership agreement with Mirada Medical. Mirada Medical is a leading international brand in advanced technology, AI-based applications that help healthcare professionals use medical images more effectively and efficiently to improve cancer care as is available in over 2000 hospitals worldwide. This partnership is part of a wider initiative to expand Mirada’s footprint into the Nordic region, equipping the region with advanced AI technology to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment by liaising with clinicians.

The partnership with Mirada means that Human Bytes has access to Mirada’s DLCExpert product, focused on improving the Radiation Therapy workflow in cancer treatment. DLCExpert is an Organs at Risk (OAR) autocontouring system that has been developed using deep learning technology. Deep Learning mimics human behavior and iteratively improves the contouring process based on hundreds of training examples.

Nordic healthcare facilities working with Human Bytes will be able to autocontour OAR using DLCExpert, saving healthcare professionals a significant amount of time. Using head and neck cancer as an example; contouring can take up to 2.5 hours. By using DLCExpert contouring can be automated and completed within minutes, freeing up clinician time. In a stretched workforce, this time saving is critical as it frees up clinicians to interact with patients and consult on complex cases which require more expertise.

“Being able to sign our first partnership within just the first few weeks of launching as a company is extremely exciting, but also a clear recognition that we have an important role to play when it comes to increasing AI use in the Nordic healthcare system. Over the last few years the Nordics have been leaders in Europe when it comes to AI in healthcare, and we are looking forward to being a part of that journey through building partnerships such as this. Working with experts such as Mirada Medical in such an early stage of the business is something we are very proud and humble about.” Says Frederik Baastrup, Owner, Human Bytes ApS.

“At Mirada Medical we have developed the world’s first commercially available deep learning autocontouring (DLCExpert) software for cancer treatment planning. This to support the clinical staff in contouring organs at risk within specific anatomical structures before radiation therapy treatment.”  said Hugh Bettesworth CEO at Mirada Medical. Using Deep Learning, we can significantly improve the time consumed by healthcare professionals in the Nordics. This partnership will help to free up time for clinicians so they can spend more time on consultations and giving patients care.  As we look to expand our footprint into the Nordics through this partnership, we hope to support many of the radiation oncology departments in the region over the coming years. We are excited to work with Human Bytes to do this as it has a strong network and capabilities for introducing advanced clinical software solutions in the public healthcare systems in the Nordics.”

About Mirada Medical

Mirada Medical develops medical imaging software applications that provide simple and accessible solutions to complex image analysis problems in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases. Through automation, our products improve consistency and productivity while enabling clinicians to deliver more personalized care. By combining deep learning technology with thorough understanding of the challenges faced in oncology today, Mirada is leading the development of next generation imaging software and decision support products.

About Human Bytes

Human Bytes ApS is a Danish based company that aims to bring artificial intelligence and advanced clinical software into the Nordic healthcare sector. Through partnerships with leading AI developers and close dialogue with healthcare professionals and other stakeholders in the healthcare sector, Human Bytes will make ends meet and unleash the great socio-economic potential that AI has for the healthcare sector. Human Bytes is led by Frederik Baastrup and Ulrik Juul Rokkedal Therkildsen. Stay tuned at

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