Personalizing treatment and simplifying Y-90 SIRT Workflow

Simplicit90Y™ is a customized, easy-to-use dosimetry software developed for accelerating dosimetry planning and improving Y-90 SIRT workflows.

Improve dosimetry consistency and planning confidence


Simplicit90Y allows you to easily incorporate multimodal images with a range of high-performance registration tools, all with one common interface. Coupled with automated and semi-automated tools for segmentation, this reduces inter-user variability and improves dosimetry consistency and planning confidence.

Simplicit90Y offers a variety of tools including:
• Multimodal image fusion and registration
• Automated tools for liver segmentation on CT and MR
• Intuitive LSF calculation tools
• Dosimetric estimates with one-compartment, multi-compartment and voxel-wise techniques
• Pre- and post-treatment dosimetry
• Comprehensive reports creation

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