Mirada Medical’s trends for cancer care in 2021.

Mirada Medical’s trends for cancer care in 2021.

Faced with a pandemic, it has been hard to not focus on Covid-19 and the impact of the virus. However, other areas of the industry, namely cancer treatment have also undergone great change

Mirada Medical’s trends for cancer care in 2021.

2021 will bring a data-driven approach to optimizing cancer care 

A data-driven approach to improving cancer care will take off in 2021. Regional and national cancer data hubs will provide a repository of best practice so that all healthcare organizations can understand and achieve these standards. However, sharing data comes with responsibility – access needs to be simplified so all clinicians can benefit from the insight it provides.

Artificial Intelligence will alleviate pressure on the cancer workforce
Healthcare organizations will be working creatively to manage this staffing shortage such as by more frequently using automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to speed up tasks.


Hypofractionation and technology will help tackle the COVID cancer backlog

Alongside other time-saving technologies, 2021 will see an increase in the use of hypofractionation – a technique where cancer patients are given a smaller number of radiation treatments at a higher dosage rate. By reducing the number of sessions and hospital visits, treatment is faster, while also minimizing exposure to COVID.

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