17th September 2013

GE Healthcare adopts Mirada Medical Atlas-based contouring for advanced RT planning software

Oxford, UK/Denver, CO, September 17, 2013: Mirada Medical, a leading innovator in medical image analysis, announced they have formalized an agreement with General Electric Healthcare, Milwaukee, WI, whereby GE will license Mirada’s powerful automatic atlas-based contouring software for implementation on their AdvantageSim MD 9 virtual simulation software suite for advanced radiation therapy planning. The technology is based on Mirada Medical’s deformable registration software, which is widely regarded as best in class when aligning image data for RT planning. “

In the era of advanced radiation therapy, contouring organs at risk and targets requires an environment and tools that facilitate productivity and accuracy through efficient automated and manual tools and intuitive user interface”, explained  András Szentmiklóssy, Global Product Manager, Oncology at GE Healthcare. “Our goal is to harness the potential productivity improvements and registration accuracy provided by the Mirada Medical atlas-based contouring engine to enhance the benefits of AdvantageSim MD 9 to customers”, Szentmiklóssy concluded.

Mirada Medical has been recognized for its leadership in the development of image fusion and deformable registration for more than a decade. The company’s algorithms are modality specific and yield fast, highly accurate results that are the foundation to their suite of high-level RT analysis and planning software tools. Mirada’s zero-click auto contouring uses an atlas, atlases or previously contoured case to improve both productivity and accuracy.

“It takes only seconds to get an initial set of contours when using an atlas or previously contoured case for greater efficiency compared to manual contouring. These can be checked and quickly refined prior to exporting to the treatment planning system, stated Timor Kadir, Chief Science and Technology Officer for Mirada Medical. “Another benefit of auto contouring is greater consistency between operators,” added Kadir.

Mirada Medical (booth #2733) and GE Healthcare (booth #2242) will be demonstrating automatic atlas-based contouring at the annual American Society for Radiation Oncology meeting being held this year at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia, September 22-25.

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