30th – 30th Jun 2020

Free Live Webinar: AI Autocontouring – Assistant or Adversary? 

Tue, Jun 30th at 5:00 pm GMT +1

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Join Yasmin McQuinlan, Research Dosimetrist, and Rachel Baggs, Product Manager as they discuss the contouring challenges being faced in the clinic and ask whether AI can be used to enhance clinical practice.

The presentation will address critical issues surrounding AI-based autocontouring solutions and how clinics can use this technology to solve their daily workload challenges.

Mirada’s DLCExpert™ is one of the world’s first commercially available AI-powered autocontouring software for cancer treatment planning and the only system with over one year of clinically proven use. DLCExpert has been shown to deliver high quality, consistent organ-at-risk contours while delivering significant time savings when compared with the manual process.

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