Full-featured software for hybrid
PET/MR interpretation

XD PET/MR provides full-featured software for hybrid PET/MR interpretation, including loading multiple studies and registering with PET/CT. You can switch between MR sequences, including acquisition views, in real-time. Software-derived PET/MR can also be achieved using Mirada’s tailored CT/MR deformable registration, regardless of the scanner.

  • Accurate deformable fusion allows you to fuse PET/CT and an unlimited number of MR sequences
  • Lesions can be transferred and quantified on all images allowing for a complete assessment of the patient
  • Increased confidence over PET/CT when evaluating soft tissue malignancies
  • Mirada was the first vendor to provide full-featured software for PET/MR interpretation
  • Load multiple hybrid PET/MR studies, automatically fused with PET/CT
  • Reproducible quantification for response-to-therapy
  • Switch between an unlimited number of MR sequences in real-time even in a fused view.