XD Nuclear Medicine

Integrated vendor-neutral workflows for Nuclear Medicine

An unlimited number of Nuclear Medicine workflows can be tailored to your institution’s protocols, including Renal MAG3, Renal DMSA, Gastric Emptying, Bone, Lung Gallbladder EF, SPECT and SPECT/CT. TACs and statistics update in Real-time and can be saved for edit and review.

  • Workflows and image layouts configured to suit your data, protocols and preferences
  • Read and process workflows irrespective of the scanner vendor
  • TACs and statistics update in real-time, with automatic ROI placement
  • Statistics tailored to your institution’s protocols
  • Save ROIs, TACs and Statistics and return to your read exactly where you left off or send it to a colleague for review
  • Send sessions to your PACS for future recall
  • Efficient reading with unlimited SPECT and SPECT/CT studies
  • Automatic alignment of longitudinal studies and single-click region tracking with results automatically tracked in tables and graphs