24th July 2015

Deformable registration QA ups planning accuracy

Mirada Medical launched RegistrationQX, a tool for quantitative quality assessment (QA) of deformable image registration. "Deformable image registration is increasingly used in radiotherapy planning to combine multiple imaging modalities in order to define targets and critical structures," said Mirada's Paul Meskell. "The more accurate the registration is, the more accurate the treatment planning is." Registration accuracy is typically checked qualitatively using fusion overlays and visual inspection of the deformation field. But this subjective approach results in significant inter-user variability.

To address this limitation, RegistrationQX offers quantitative QA. In a demonstration of the new software, senior research scientist Mark Gooding explained how the tool examines three aspects of the registration: the biological plausibility of the deformation fields; the local similarity between the two images and the numerical robustness of the solution. It then calculates the percentage of voxels considered acceptable, produces numerical scores for each anatomical structure and automatically generates a report, flagging any errors that need checking.

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