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Mirada Medical is using artificial intelligence and deep learning technology to help cancer specialists deliver faster, more accurate cancer treatment. Mirada is the first company in the world to be marketing AI-based autocontouring solutions to help cancer specialists deliver improved and faster radiotherapy treatment planning for their patients.

Thanks to its ongoing commitment to innovation, Mirada has achieved an industry first by employing deep learning methods from the computer vision field to medical imaging for the automatic contouring of Organs at Risk (OARs) in CT images.

The launch of DLCExpert™ is testament of Mirada’s commitment to the advancement and change in the future of autocontouring, and with additional DL-based products in development, the scientific team at Mirada is demonstrating that AI is not just about huge technological leaps forward. It can be applied to everyday tasks to make incremental improvements to the effectiveness of treatment planning, saving time for oncologists, and ultimately improving patient care.

DLCExpert™ is the world’s first AI-powered, FDA cleared software for automated contouring of organs at risk in radiation oncology treatment planning.