Human or AI-drawn contours?

Can you tell the difference? Visit us at ASTRO 2018

What would you do with the time you spend contouring?

Introducing DLCExpert, the only FDA-cleared AI-powered autocontouring solution:

  • Imitates your expertly drawn contours – you are the “Human Inside”
  • In blind tests, most contouring experts couldn’t tell the difference between human drawn contours and those generated by DLCExpert
  • 100% compatible with your current workflow (no extra UI or clicks) and 100% vendor neutral
  • Delivers speed and consistently high quality contours, fully automated, 24/7.

Visit booth #1033 at ASTRO and see if you can tell the difference between human expert drawn contours and those generated by DLCExpert.

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“The contours generated by DLCExpert are the closest to clinically acceptable contours we’ve seen from any autocontouring system we have evaluated. For some organs, our clinicians found it very hard to distinguish between their own contours and those that were automatically generated.”

Andre Dekker, Professor of Clinical Data Science, Department of Radiation Oncology, Maastro Clinic, The Netherlands


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