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Working at Mirada means being part of a close-knit ambitious team, made up of the brightest and most talented individuals supported by our Senior Management Team, Board and Medical Advisory Board.


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What is it like to work at Mirada?

The Operations team is broken down into 5 different teams; Finance, HR, IT, Quality and Marketing. The operations team is vital in keeping the company running at pace and supporting our team member to be the best they can be.
Since working at Mirada, one thing that has been clear to me is how open everyone is to feedback and how keen people are to action that feedback. It shows that Mirada is a company that is always adapting and improving.


People Coordinator

The Product team are a group of individuals with a unique blend of clinical, technical and commercial expertise. We are responsible for the definition and design of all our products.  We have a mix of backgrounds and combine their specialist knowledge to make sure that we build innovative products, with features that both delight and add value to our customers and enable them to provide the highest quality of care to their patients. We make sure that the products perform well in the field and also listen to feedback allowing us to make our products even better.
As a team, we have developed together and evolved into what works best for us, which has been made easier given that everyone’s really passionate about the products and we all want to do a good job. I think working with people with this shared attitude has been key to our success.


Product Manager

Science is at the heart of Mirada. Without research, there can be no real innovation, and if innovation is at the heart of what Mirada does then this would not be possible without the science team. Mirada’s team of industry-leading PhD research Scientists work in collaboration with leading academics and clinical institutions, acting with scientific integrity in all they do.
It’s great to have a diverse team of individuals from across the world within the science team, everyone's really open and interested in your experiences, we’ve all got our strengths in different areas, and so there is a lot of respect for each other’s specialities and a lot of collaboration.



Mirada’s global sales organization spans North America, UK and Europe and includes a dedicated team of long-time industry experts with a focus on maintaining strong existing and trusted relationships and building new ones.  We are a group of self-starters dedicated to providing industry leading Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning products which are rapidly becoming the future of efficient and consistent patient care and improved outcomes.
Amongst the sales team, we have regular conversations with each other about our successes and challenges. This sharing of experience helps us learn from each other. For example, I regularly talk with a senior teammate who I look at as a kind of mentor. He has been really open to sharing his advice whenever I reached out.


Regional Sales Manager

Mirada's Customer Success team represents many decades of experience in dosimetry, radiography and engineering spread across the US, UK and Europe having worked for and now working alongside the biggest names in medical imaging and radiation oncology. Whether its contributing to clinical studies that use the latest cutting edge technology for radiation oncology treatment planning, driving adoption of AI automation within our installed base of Customers or making key contributions to the development of new products, every day brings a variety of opportunities to make a direct impact on patient care.
The leaders at Mirada take an active, genuine interest in the people they manage. Their investment to understand each employee at a fundamental level has created a climate for greater morale, loyalty, and, growth. I have never worked for a company that acknowledges and rewards their employees for their hard work and dedication as much as Mirada does.


Product Specialist

The Development Team delivers products that combine existing and emerging technologies to push the boundaries of healthcare. Ultimately, we are innovative, adaptable, and ambitious. We are passionate about creating technology which has been built in the best way possible, has meaningful clinical impact and that, fundamentally, advances cancer care.
It was really evident from day one that everyone is working hard to innovate and get products out, but also not afraid to stop what they are doing to help someone new who has joined the team.


Data Analyst

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