Life at Mirada

Working at Mirada means being part of a close-knit ambitious team, made up of the brightest and most talented individuals. Our aim is to give all our team members the best employee experience possible. Whether you’re at the start of your career, deep in the middle of it, or looking for something new, join Mirada’s fast-growing dynamic team to accelerate cancer care.

Join us in Accelerating Cancer Care

Our Values

Be Trustworthy

You can always rely on us. Our dependability demonstrates that we are trusted to deliver whilst ensuring that we do the right thing. We are not afraid to ask for help if we need to and we will always remedy our mistakes with transparency and accountability. Our freedom to develop and create is intertwined with our responsibility to uphold our high standards. By defining our roles and obligations, we hold each other accountable to ensure that whatever is expected of us, we deliver. Reliability – Accountability – Transparency – Integrity

Our Values

Be Excellent

Whilst nurturing our relationships, we delight in our differences, enabling ourselves to be authentically us with people at the heart of everything we do. We are motivated by our contribution to the greater good. The invaluable impact that we can have on the lives of others by improving patient outcomes inspires kindness and compassion within everything we do.
Kindness – Do good things – Consideration

Our Values

Be Creative

We love to ask questions. We are natural problem solvers who enjoy creatively challenging the complex. We champion out-of-the-box thinking as we harness the strengths of our visionary team to pioneer our products to be the first of their kind with the customer in mind.
Curiosity – Pioneer – Innovate

Our Values

Be Adaptable

Within our team, we actively seek the ways in which we can adapt and create change utilizing our flexibility to advance our products and perspectives. By remaining conscious of new developments within the scientific, medical and technological communities, we are constantly changing, improving, and achieving.
Quick to adjust – Versatility – Continuous improvement – Encourage feedback

Our Values

Be Ambitious

Being goal-orientated self-starters, operating with enthusiasm and encouragement enables us to make it happen and launch our plans into action. By expanding our understanding and pursuing solutions, we want to drive healthcare forward. We act with courage, daring to venture into the unknown as we are not afraid to fail when we can learn along the way. By encouraging the goals of others, we are motivated to pursue our courageous aspirations. Make it happen – Courage – Think big

Our Values

Be Collaborative

Mirada encompasses a community of minds. Within our team, each member is trusted and encouraged to unify and collaborate to collectively tailor our products. By actively listening to the expertise that our colleagues and customers can contribute, we are encouraged to achieve, evolve and grow.
Listen actively – Colleagues – Customers – Community

Our Values

Be a Leader

Our leadership team embodies experts who know that our success rides on the shoulders of everyone working at Mirada. They are solely focused on creating and empowering a world-class team working to accelerate cancer care for all.

Join Our Team

Shaping the Future of Cancer Care

Our team includes some of the world’s most talented professionals. We encourage innovation and creativity in a supportive and motivational environment, employing only the best and the brightest in the industry.
If you’re passionate about what you do and want to be a part of an internationally-recognized team of scientific pioneers, we want to hear from you.


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